Law Office Ivan Bojov advises on all legal issues arising out of the employment or engagement of employees, managers, directors or freelancers.

Real Estate & Condominium

1. We offer a full set of legal services in regard to purchase or sale of real estates.

1.1. Steps required for purchase of real estate:

  • Study of ownership and indetification of the owner of the property, including review of title deeds, proving the ownership;
  • Review of construction documentation related to purchase of property under construction;
  • Participation in negotiations with the seller and drafting of preliminary contracts for purchase-sale of property;
  • Preparation of final agreements in a form of Notary Deed;
  • Representation before a Notary Public; 
  • Calculating all the costs of the notary transfer; 
  • Check for property encumbrances. 

1.2. Services related to acquisition of real estate by possession of prescription, by donation and acquisition of limited property rights - right to use, right to build, servitudes.

2. Condominium.

We offer:

2.1. Consultations under the Condominium Ownership Management Act (COMA).

2.2. Assistance in convening general meetings of the owners, as well as preparation of all required documents in this regard.

2.3. Representation in a general meeting of owners. 

2.4. Drafting the necessary documents for establishment of an association of owners under COMA and its registration.

2.5. Litigation when challenging resolutions of the general meeting of owners.

2.6. Assistance in enforcement proceedings for unpaid maintenance charges. 

What is a condominium?

A set of rules (legal rules, internal regulations and resolutions of the general meeting), governing relations between homeowners in a building where there are architecturally distinct individual units (apartments / offices) owned by different owners.

What is a maintenance charge?

Remuneration paid outside utility costs, in favor of a natural or legal person who is assigned to work on maintenance of common areas in the building.